Manufacturer’s Description

The Intel Pentium 4 processor family supporting Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology delivers Intel's advanced, powerful processors for desktop PCs and entry-level workstations, which are based on the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture. The Pentium 4 processor is designed to deliver performance across applications and usages where end-users can truly appreciate and experience the performance. These applications include Internet audio and streaming video, image processing, video content creation, speech, 3D, CAD, games, multimedia, and multitasking user environments.

The Specs

Physical + Memory Specifications
L1 Cache Size 16 KB
L2 Cache Size 1 MB
Warranty Information 3 Year Limited Warranty
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Additional Specifications
Brand Name Intel
Process Technology 90 nm
Processor Technology Hyper-Threading Technology
Frequency Band Non-Blocking, full speed, on-die level 2 cache8-way set associativity256-bit data bus to the level 2 cacheData clocked into and out of the cache every clock cyclePentium 4 processors feature the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture, Intel MMXT media enhancement technology, support uniprocessor designs, and are compatible with existing Intel architecture-based softwareStreaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) includes 13 new Instructions designed to reduce the number of instructions needed to execute program tasks. The new instructions are added to improve specific application areas such as media and gaming
Product Line Pentium 4
Processor Speed + Class
Bus Speed 533 MHz
Processor Speed 2.80 GHz(A)
Quick Glance
Number of Processor Cores Single-core (1 Core)
Processor Socket Intel Socket PGA-478
normalized-Processor Speed 2800
Processor Class Intel Pentium 4

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