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The Brooktrout Technology TruFax Series is a line of intelligent fax boards that offers small to medium-sized businesses and departmental workgroups dependable fax capabilities for a variety of computer-based fax applications, such as network fax and fax broadcast. TruFax offers a level of reliability and fax performance that business organizations can depend on at an economical price point for low volume fax traffic. Unlike Class 1 and Class 2 fax modems, TruFax's advanced fax algorithms, dedicated fax processing components, and a single-purpose design deliver the performance that enterprise fax applications require. TruFax offers Adaptive Call Progress algorithms to ensure high connectivity rates and transmissions speeds across a wide range of fax machines and telephone line conditions. It is the same technology used in Brooktrout's high-end TR114 and TR1034 intelligent fax boards. TruFax processes the fax protocol onboard, thereby lowering the CPU utilization of the server and improving overall system performance. Designed purposely to support fax-only modulation, the TruFax provides a high level of network security from unauthorized data call attempts. The TruFax 200, the two-channel fax board, is recommended for use with a network fax solution. By configuring the board to send and receive faxes through separate channels, the fax solution is always prepared to receive faxes in one channel while the other channel is occupied sending faxes from the outbound job queue. 901-0

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Parent Retsku B002VEFYQI
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