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This valuable service from 3Com blocks access to pornographic, prejudicial, and violent web sites. Schools, colleges, libraries, or other public institutions required by law (such as the U.S. Child Internet Protection Act) to protect underage students can safely offer Internet access without risk of exposing them to objectionable content. The off-site service proactively hunts down offensive web sites and continually updates its database to deliver effective, round-the-clock protection.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name 3Com
Service Main Type Technical
Service Details Expands and enhances built-in filtering capabilities of the 3Com OfficeConnect firewalls and routers Enforces acceptable web usage policies by controlling access to unacceptable web sites; improves productivity, limits wasted Internet bandwidth, and protects company employees 24-hour-a-day guardian replaces "hit-and-miss" manual updating with professional expertise and round-the-clock operation Global research teams operate worldwide to add protection and constantly review database content; human interaction has proven more reliable with less false positives than artificial intelligence solutions Hosted service eliminates hardware storage concerns and administrative overhead Easy-to-use interface offers simple check boxes to select web site categories you want restricted Real-time database access transparent to Internet users; there is no delay in access Comprehensive service covers 7 million sites and 1.3 billion web pages; categories and web sites are updated daily for ti
Service Name OfficeConnect Content Filter Service
Service Type Technical
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