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Manufacturer's Part # 3C10320UThis product is Brand New.Features And Benefits: 33.6 Kbps data transfer rate for fast sending and receiving of email and instant messages. CD-ROM includes AOL Mail - Yahoo! Messenger and MultiMail. Supports Palm HotSync Server Up to 3 hours connection time on one Package includes a 10' phone cord. Weight 2.8 oz. Uses standard RJ11 connector. Approved for use in the U.S. - Canada - U.K.Stay connected when you are on the go. With the PalmModem® Connectivity Kit -just because you are out of the office does not have to mean you are out of theloop. A fully-functional modem. The PalmModem® Connectivity Kit lets you send and receive e-mail* and instant messages while you're away from the office (AOLMail - Yahoo! Messenger and MultiMail Pro software included). Speedy downloads. The PalmModem® Connectivity Kit lets you quickly connect with your ISP and download your data at 33.6 kbps. Server support. It supports the Palm HotSync® Server so you can easily synchronize with corporate e-mail servers. Note: Email requires Palm III Seriesor Palm Pilot Professional Edition handheld and an ISP connection. Mail is not supported on Macintosh Computers except through third party applications - sold separately. Extended Description: - Stay connected when you're on the go. - A fully-functional mode...This product is Brand New and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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