Manufacturer’s Description

With Iomega Quik Sync 2 software, you can back up your files safely and with no hassle. Whenever you save a file to your hard drive or a network drive, Quik Sync 2 software automatically makes a copy of that file on an Iomega Zip, Jaz, PocketZip, or CD-RW disk. All you have to do is select folders for Quik Sync 2 software to monitor. The files in those folders are copied to the Iomega disk of your choice whenever they're saved. The backup process couldn't be easier. A wizard leads you through the simple setup. Once it's configured, there's nothing more for you to do. Choose standard settings for automatic backup, or schedule customized backup times and other user preferences. Choose between saving revisions or overwriting files that have been copied previously to your Quik Sync 2 software disk. Minimize the backup process by excluding specified file types when you back up files--for example, you can back up all of your main document files, while excluding temporary files. Restoring files is easy: just drag your files from the Quik Sync 2 software disk to the preferred location on your desktop, and you're done. No decompression is required. Quik Sync 2 is portable, so that you can take the software disk with you, and always have the latest versions of your important files at your fingertips.

The Specs

System Requirements
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium Processor|PowerPC 601
Recommended Memory (Not Applicable)
Required Processor Speed 100 MHz
Recommended Disk Space (Not Applicable)
Required Memory (Not Specified)
Required Disk Space 8 MB
Recommended Processor Speed (Not Applicable)
Recommended Processor Class (Not Applicable)
Additional Specifications
Technical Support URL
Description Quik Sync 2.0.2 Full Product CD-ROM 1U
Technical Support Phone Number 888-446-6342
Software Type Data Backup|File Recovery
Manufacturer Sku 31243
System Type Apple Macintosh|PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
UPC (Not Specified)
Vendor IOM
Product Family Quik Sync
Product Line Series Model 2.0.2
Other Recommendations (Not Applicable)
Other Requirements CD-ROM
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description Quik Sync 2
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Pricing Level (Not Applicable)
Point Level (Not Specified)
SKU 31243
Points/Units (Not Specified)
Max License Size 1 Users
Min License Size (Not Applicable)
Category Backup Utility
Version / Edition 2/2.0.2
Class Software-Utilities
Quick Glance
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows NT 4.0|Mac OS 9|Mac OS X
Media Format CD-ROM
License Type Full Product

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