Manufacturer’s Description

The A6826A is a dual port 2 Gb-capable adapter that operates in PCI 33Mhz/66Mhz and PCI-X 66Mhz/100Mhz/133Mhz bus speeds with a 64-bit bus width. Each port supports Auto-Speed Negotiation, and is independently capable of a 1 Gb/2 Gb data transfer rate. Auto-Speed Negotiation allows each port on the adapter to automatically negotiate the highest speed that is common to the port and to the infrastructure connecting the port.

The Specs

More Info
Networking Standards
Network Status Indicators LED Indicators: 2 Gb Link 1 Gb Link
Additional Specifications
Thickness 400 mil
Brand Name HP
Ports/Channels 2 x LC
Frequency Band Auto-negotiation
Product Model A6826A
Backward Compatibility PCI 33 MHz
Management The fcmsutil diagnostic tool
Topology Switched Fabric
Parent Retsku B0002AGFFM
Dimensions 2.5" Height x 6.6" Width x 0.4" Thickness
Quick Glance
Slot/Port Type PCI-X 133 MHz 64-bit|PCI-X 100 MHz 64-bit|PCI-X 66 MHz 64-bit
Product Type Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
Network Adapter
System Type Software: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 SuSE Linux Standard Server 8 HP-UX 11i v1 Hardware: HP 9000 Rp7420-16 FAST Base System HP 9000 Superdome HP Integrity Rx1600-2 HP Integrity Rx1620-2 HP Integrity Rx2600 HP Integrity Rx4640 HP Integrity Rx5670 HP Server Rp2405 HP Server Rp2430 HP Server Rp2450 HP Server Rp2470 HP Server Rp5400 HP Server Rp5405 HP Server Rp5430 HP Server Rp5450 HP Server Rp5470 HP Server Rp7400 HP Server Rp7410 HP Server Rp8400