Manufacturer’s Description

Increase your productivity with Matrox DualHead2Go; a cost-effective, dual monitor upgrade. Using patent pending technology, this palm-sized box harnesses the power of the graphics card in your system and is capable of adding multi-monitor support to compatible notebook and desktop computers. DualHead2Go is simple to install as it connects to the existing single monitor output (i.e. external VGA output) of a computer. A single display workspace physically limits the amount of information that you can see. Constantly having to open and close application windows can be cumbersome and time consuming, thereby making it more difficult to multi-task and reducing effectiveness. With the adoption of a dual-display workspace, the work process is streamlined and management of multiple documents is simplified because a workspace is now double in size. A document can be expanded across two displays or each display can be used to view different information: You can surf the internet on one display and write email on the second, or view photo albums and zoomed photos at the same time.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Matrox
Warranty Information 2 Year Limited
Software Included PowerDesk SE
Frequency Band Perfect for the office, mobile workstation, home or on the go
normalized-Weight 4.73
Video Features Add two independent displays to your laptop from a standard monitor output. Or transform your single display PC to DualHead Two 17" panels provide 45% more desktop area than a single 20" panel at less cost Harness the full graphics rendering power of your existing notebook or desktop graphics solution. This includes the full video and 3D capabilities of your embedded graphics solution DualHead2Go leverages the native power of the existing graphics hardware in your machine. For example the powerful graphics engine in a workstation-class laptop computer will be directly responsible for all drawing on both DualHead2Go screens Upgrade Intel integrated graphics on a desktop PC to DualHead without opening the PC You don't have to
Product Model DualHead2Go
Functions MultiView
Weight 4.73 oz
Parent Retsku B000CDF30C
Dimensions 0.98" Height x 3.62" Width x 3.74" Depth
Quick Glance
Product Type Multiview Device

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