Manufacturer’s Description

Backup Exec NT/2000 8.5 is a storage solution for Windows NT and Windows2000 operating systems. Backup Exec is a high-performance, easy-to-use, flexible backup solution. Built-in wizards simplify common operations, making Backup Exec a tool that is easy the less technical user, yet powerful enough for the more advanced user. The familiar Explorer-like interface allows users to take full advantage of tabbed dialogs, property sheets, tool tips, and right-click context-sensitive menus. Wizards guide the user through many common tasks, offering flexibility in configuration, media rotation, device sharing, and disaster recovery. New features such as the Windows Explorer integration and one-button backup offer "express" method backup of the entire server or a selected resource (server, directory, drive, folder, file). A unique Backup Exec Assistant streamlines startup, system configuration, job scheduling, and other routine tasks. Backup Exec provides full protection of the operating system, including Active Directory, Distributed File System, and the new NTFS structure and System State components. It offers centralized management with the Backup Exec Network Storage Executive option (sold separately), allowing you to centrally manage multiple Backup Exec servers from one console utilizing backup policies and backup server pooling. Backup Exec pre-scans for viruses and cleans files, including zip files, before backup. Standard Autoloader Support is also included. This maximizes backup performance and minimizes administration of single-drive/unlimited-slot autoloaders. Support for multidrive libraries can be added via the Backup Exec Library Expansion Option (sold separately). Performance Optimization increases performance and reduces network traffic and backup time using Veritas's exclusive Agent Accelerator technology (sold separately), with distributed processing and source compression. Support for Network Attached Storage (NAS) expands data protection for these new data storage appliances. Support for Storage Area Networks (SAN) improves utilization of tape hardware in SANs, which lowers the overall cost of ownership associated with backup.

The Specs

System Requirements
Required Processor Class DEC Alpha|Intel 286 Compatible
Recommended Memory 32 MB
Required Processor Speed (Not Specified)
Recommended Disk Space (Not Applicable)
Required Memory 24 MB
Required Disk Space 45 MB
Recommended Processor Speed (Not Applicable)
Recommended Processor Class (Not Applicable)
Additional Specifications
Technical Support URL
Description Backup Exec" 8.5 Server Edition Full Product CD-ROM 1U
Technical Support Phone Number 800-634-4747
Software Type Anti-Virus|File Management|Data Backup|File Recovery
Manufacturer Sku SBE-NTSR-0038
System Type PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
UPC (Not Specified)
Vendor VRT
Product Family Backup Exec"
Product Line Series Model 8.5 Server Edition
Other Recommendations (Not Applicable)
Other Requirements CD-ROM
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description Backup Exec v8.5 NT/2000 Server Edition English CDROM
Language Localization English
Pricing Level (Not Applicable)
Point Level (Not Applicable)
Points/Units (Not Applicable)
Max License Size 1 Users
Min License Size (Not Applicable)
Category Backup Utility
Version / Edition 8.5
Class Software-Utilities
Quick Glance
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows NT 4.0|Microsoft Windows NT
Media Format CD-ROM
License Type Full Product

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