Manufacturer’s Description

Norton Utilities 6.0 can help your Mac run smoothly and efficiently. Since a poorly organized hard disk can waste storage space, diminish the performance of your Mac, and even cause problems, Norton Utilities contains applications that optimize your machine and reduce the possibility of serious problems. Speed Disk defragments individual files so they'll load faster. When you run it from the bootable Norton Utilities CD, it can also optimize your hard disk by arranging frequently used files for the most efficient access. For even faster access times, you can also use Speed Disk to optimize a disk's directory. Norton FileSaver constantly records vital disk directory information while you're working. If you accidentally delete a file, UnErase can examine the directory and help you recover your data. Its built-in filtering helps you find a specific file or folder quickly and easily. Norton Disk Doctor gives you powerful, easy-to-use tools to find and repair disk problems. If your startup disk won't even boot, you can diagnose it by running Norton Disk Doctor from the CD. Norton Utilities can also monitor your Mac for you, spotting imminent problems before they cause trouble. Volume Recover works with FileSaver to resurrect disks that have crashed or accidentally been reinitialized. Use it on hard drives (internal or external), floppy disks, and removable media, such as Zip disks and Jaz drives. Now Volume Recover can even rebuild the directory structure of a disk, increasing your chances of being able to recover data from it. And you can run Volume Recover from the CD to resurrect dead startup drives.You can keep your version of Norton Utilities up to date with LiveUpdate, exclusive Symantec technology that makes it easy to keep Norton Utilities current. It downloads application updates and software patches quickly and easily right over the Internet.

The Specs

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System Requirements
Required Processor Class PowerPC 601
Required Processor Speed (Not Specified)
Required Memory 24 MB
Required Disk Space 10 MB
Additional Specifications
Technical Support URL
Description Norton Utilities" 6.0 Full Product CD-ROM 1U
Technical Support Phone Number 800-441-7234
Software Type Disk Management|File Recovery
Manufacturer Sku 07-00-03019
System Type Apple Macintosh
UPC (Not Specified)
Vendor SEM
Product Family Norton Utilities"
Product Line Series Model 6.0
Other Recommendations (Not Applicable)
Other Requirements Internet Connection|CD-ROM
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description Norton Utilities v6.0 For MAC OS CD-ROM 1U
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Pricing Level (Not Applicable)
Point Level (Not Applicable)
SKU 070003019
Points/Units (Not Applicable)
Category Other Utilities
Class Software-Utilities
Quick Glance
Required Operating System Mac OS|Mac OS X
License Type Full Product
Media Format CD-ROM
Max License Size 1 Users
Min License Size (Not Applicable)
Version / Edition 6.0
Recommended System Requirements
Recommended Memory (Not Applicable)
Recommended Disk Space (Not Applicable)
Recommended Processor Speed (Not Applicable)
Recommended Processor Class (Not Applicable)

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