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This new version of Spy Sweeper features a brand-new user interface, the result of extensive usability design and testing conducted by our in-house expert user experience team. Spy Sweeper meets the needs of new and novice users who want protection without extensive interaction. Alternatively, Spy Sweeper advanced users continue to have the power to configure the program to suit their unique needs. Spy Sweeper still focuses on whatâ??s most important â?? offering users the most effective protection against spyware. Designed specifically to protect users from the most malicious forms of spyware, Spy Sweeper combines the use of Comprehensive Removal Technology (CRT), the most advanced spyware removal technology in the industry, with the superior blocking power of behavior-based Smart Shields. CRT uses adaptive recognition processes and proactive spyware research to completely eradicate the most debilitating types of spyware from a PC in a single sweep and restore the machine to a stable, pre-infection state. CRT effectively removes some of the most persistent and powerful spyware programs today, including Commonname, LOP, SurfSidekick, VX2/Abetterinternet/Aurora, Elite Keylogger and other sophisticated forms of spyware which use rootkit technology to bury themselves deeply within usersâ?? PCs. Using CRT, Spy Sweeper 4.5 is able to detect and remove these devious types of spyware during regular system sweeps. Additionally, Spy Sweeper maintains an extremely low false positive rate â?? approximately 1:1,000,000 â?? assuring consumers that they are not removing any essential system operations applications or data that are required for normal PC function. To compliment these powerful removal capabilities, Spy Sweeper also offers new behavior-based, real-time Smart Shields, providing consumers with the widest breadth of proactive blocking protection available.

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