Manufacturer’s Description

EverQuest: The Scars of Velious is the second official expansion of the online role-playing game EverQuest. Unlike The Ruins of Kunark, this is geared for gamers who have already played for several hundred hours and have characters that are level 30 and above. As with all expansions, the original game is required. There is a new 3-D interface, which allows players to customize their interface screens. New weapons, armor, and items are added to the EverQuest world--several with all-new graphics. Many new zones will be available for exploration, including two good-aligned planes for high-level characters: the Plane of Growth and the Plane of Mischief. The frozen continent of Velious also has been added, containing powerful creatures, some of which are variations of existing monsters. Others are all new, including a race of giants and a race of dragons at war with each other. By helping one side of this battle, players will gain powerful allies.

The Specs

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Additional Specifications
Min License Size 1 user(s)
Max License Size 1 user(s)
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium II Processor
Description Everquest Scars Of Velious Addon W98
Recommended Memory 512 MB
Required Processor Speed 400 MHz
Recommended Disk Space 1.5 GB
Required Memory 256 MB
Required Disk Space 450 MB
Recommended Processor Class Intel Pentium III Processor
Category Entertainment
Class Software-Entertainment
Quick Glance
ESRB Rating T (Teen)
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows ME|Microsoft Windows XP
Media Format CD-ROM
License Type Add-On License

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