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It's like two great games in one! Product Information Fans of the original Battleship game can choose to play the classichit-and-miss style game on three different grid sizes. Or play a totally unique game of naval warfare, Battleship: Surface Thunder. In it you take command of your own battleship and sink enemy convoys, attack shore gun emplacements and freecaptured ports in an all-out effort to defeat a renegade empire. Both modes feature fantastic graphics, animations and sounds. Batten down the hatches and get ready for naval combat action at its best. The classic game of naval strategyreaches new levels of fun and excitement in the Battleship: Surface thunder game. Get ready for fast-paced action as you take command of your very own battleship. In the arcade adventure, set sail for hostile waters where you'll fight a renegade navyintent on overthrowing a peaceful kingdom. You'll have your hands full as you blast shore emplacements, attack shipping convoys, and match your wits with enemy ships, planes and submarines. Power-ups will give you the health, speed and weaponsyou need to fight your way past enemy forces. Also, enjoy an updated version of the classic Battleship game, where wits and strategy count for as much as sheer firepower. Activities Include ClassicMode Based on the classic board game of naval warfare, the Classic mode pits your fleet of 5 ships - ranging from the mighty aircraft carrier to the small but deadly PT boat - against your enemy's fleet. Each player secretly places his orher ships on a battle grid. Players then take turns firing shots at their opponent's grid in an effort to locate and sink enemy ships. Ships that are hit burst into flames but don't sink until they've been hit by a sufficient number ofshots. The larger the ship, the more shots it will take t

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