Manufacturer’s Description

Take advantage of uninterrupted power with this rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries last longer and are resistant to the effects of memory effect, meaning you can charge and recharge your battery without fear of draining the battery. Times vary depending on camcorder and shooting conditions.

The Specs

Quick Glance
Product Type Camcorder Battery
Parent Product Type Canon Camcorders:DC310 DVDDC320 DVDDC330 DVDDC410 DVDDC420 DVDElura 40MCElura 50Elura 60Elura 65Elura 70Elura 80Elura 85Elura 90HV40Optura 30Optura 40Optura 400Optura 50Optura 500Optura 60VIXIA HF R10VIXIA HF R100VIXIA HF R11VIXIA HG10VIXIA HV20VIXIA HV30VIXIA HV40ZR100ZR200ZR300ZR400ZR500ZR600ZR700ZR800ZR830ZR850ZR900 miniDVZR930 miniDVZR950 miniDVZR960Canon Cameras:Rebel XTiEOS Digital Rebel XTPowerShot G7PowerShot G9PowerShot S30PowerShot S40PowerShot S45PowerShot S50PowerShot S60PowerShot S70PowerShot S80

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