Manufacturer’s Description

Although millions of PC users the world over already use Microsoft Office for everyday productivity, that doesn't mean we can't stand to inject some additional creativity into our letters, spreadsheets, and presentations. Personal Portfolio 2002 comes on the scene just as Office XP makes its debut. But Personal Portfolio is not limited to the new Office--users of Office 97 and 2000 can use it to brighten up their stationery as well. Personal Portfolio complements the Office suite of applications with 300 new Word templates, 120 Excel templates, 90 PowerPoint templates, and 90 new stationeries for Outlook. Use this collection to add a little spice to your letters, e-mails, and even shopping lists, should you wish. And if you must stare at Excel spreadsheets all day, any change to the dull gray and white grid, the default display, is an improvement. Personal Portfolio is not just for fun and games--it's a useful business application, too. PowerPoint users may be looking for new ways to make their professional presentations stand out from the crowd, and the résumé templates can add a structure and discipline that your current curriculum vitae may be missing. You can even create slick-looking fax covers, reports, and business stationery to show off your savvy professional self. --John Rennie

The Specs

System Requirements
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium Processor
Recommended Memory 32 MB
Required Processor Speed 166 MHz
Required Memory 16 MB
Required Disk Space 100 MB
Additional Specifications
Min License Size 1 user(s)
Max License Size 1 user(s)
Category Networking and Connectivity
Version / Edition 2002
Class Software-Communication/Network
Quick Glance
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows ME
Media Format CD-ROM
License Type Full Product

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