Manufacturer’s Description

This spare battery works with selected Sony cordless phone systems. Be sure to check your owner's manual to verify compatibility with your specific model.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Sony
Category Electronic Accessories
Description Sony BP-T16 Replacement Battery
Class (Not Specified)
Compatible Phone Sony Cordless Phones: SPP-111 SPP-205 SPP-55 SPP-57 SPP-58 SPP-65 SPP-71 SPP-72 SPP-73 SPP-A20 SPP-A250 SPP-A40 SPP-A400 SPP-A450 SPP-A60 SPP-A700 SPP-AQ25 SPP-AQ500 SPP-AQ600 SPP-ID300 SPP-ID400 SPP-M502 SPP-Q110 SPP-Q120 SPP-Q150
Quick Glance
Product Compatibility Sony Cordless Phones:SPP-111SPP-205SPP-55SPP-57SPP-58SPP-65SPP-71SPP-72SPP-73SPP-A20SPP-A250SPP-A40SPP-A400SPP-A450SPP-A60SPP-A700SPP-AQ25SPP-AQ500SPP-AQ600SPP-ID300SPP-ID400SPP-M502SPP-Q110SPP-Q120SPP-Q150
Device Type Phone Battery

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