Manufacturer’s Description

The console hit RAYMAN has come to the Game Boy Color. Mr. Dark has captured all of the Toons, and destruction and chaos threaten the world. The only person who can reverse the situation is Rayman. He must travel through 30 levels that span nine different and unique worlds. Luckily, our hero can run, jump, punch, and helicopter his way through each level. There are enemies to defeat and power-ups to be gained the most useful being the Tings, which provide Rayman with clues and extra lives. More ambitious players will want to go through every stage several times, as there are objects that cannot be reached until Rayman has learned certain skills by progressing through the game. Anyone who enjoys RAYMAN on other platforms will certainly appreciate the Game Boy Color version

The Specs

Additional Specifications
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)
Game Genre Action/Adventure
Category Action
Simultaneous Multiplayer Mode No
Network Compatible No
Uses Memory Card? No
Maximum Number of Players 1
Class Game Boy Color
Quick Glance

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