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Packed with accounting basics plus powerful business management andInternet tools, Peachtree Accounting helps you better manage youraccounting and gives you insight into your numbers. Just minutesafter installing Peachtree, helpful features such as navigation aids, wizards, and an online tutorial make it easy for you to hit the ground running. To make your startup even faster, you can choose from among 75 examples thecompany profile that most closely resembles your own, and your books areinstantly customized to fit your business. There are also plenty of onlinetutorials.With Peachtree you can set up to 13 periods in a fiscal year, and keeptransaction detail open for two fiscal and payroll years. You can easilymaintain and report on budgets, and you have the option to show or hide your GLaccounts on task screens. Quickly and easily provide your customers withestimates for their orders by printing quotes. Your quote does not update your accounting information until the quote is converted to a sales order or invoice.Get a snapshot view of the overall financial performance of your business withPeachtree Accounting's Financial Manager. Unlike other accounting systems that requireyou to create special reports to review your business performance, Financial Manager gives you both a business summary and key balance information so you see the full picture in minutes, without creating reports. You'll review such popular ratios as cost of sales, profit margins, and more, as well as up-to-the-minute balances on cash, accounts receivable, and other vital information.With the new e-mail alert feature, you can set the system to monitor keyelements of your operations and have a notification e-mail generated when certainconditions are met, to keep you operating efficiently. For instance, yourpurchasing manager can be notified by e-mail when an inventory item dropsbelow a certain level, or your payroll manager can be alerted when anhourly employee exceeds a certain number of hours. Access your Peachtreedata from both your desktop and the Internet using Peachtree WebAccounting. You and your off-site personnel can quickly and securely viewkey desktop accounting data and perform daily tasks such as enteringtransactions and running reports, all from the Internet.

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