Manufacturer’s Description

Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS puts the power of remote control, file transfer and communications on your Macintosh machine. Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS, newly updated for OS X, includes built-in Intercom for voice communications, file sychronization, full AppleScript support, and more.

The Specs

Category Networking and Connectivity
Version / Edition 7.0
Class Software-Communication/Network
Max License Size 1 User
Min License Size 1 user(s)
Additional Specifications
Software Name Timbuktu v.5.2 Pro
License Pricing Standard
Description 0
Software Main Type Network & Communication
Language Support English
Program Type Remote Management
Brand Name Motorola
Quick Glance
License Type Complete Product
Media Format CD-ROM
Required Operating System Mac OS 7.5|Mac OS 7.6|Mac OS 8.1|Mac OS 8.5|Mac OS 8.6|Mac OS 9|Mac OS 9.1|Mac OS 9.2|Mac OS X|Mac OS X 10.2.6|Mac OS X 10.3
System Requirements
Required Disk Space 12 MB
System Requirements Timbuktu Pro requires the same minimum hardware that is required by your Mac OS. In addition, you'll need: 15 MB of available disk space A (TCP/IP) Internet or network connection. For modem connections, a 28.8 Kbps or faster modem For the Intercom service, a microphone on each computer with both machines using Timbuktu Pro 4.8 or higher, or Timbuktu Pro 2000 Separate versions are included on the CD, requiring either Mac OS 10.0.4, or Mac OS 8.6 or higher. One copy of Timbuktu Pro software on each computer that is to make or receive Timbuktu Pro connections For TCP/IP connections, properly installed and configured transport software
Recommended Processor Class PowerPC (Type Not Specified)
Required Memory 16 MB
Required Processor Class PowerPC (Type Not Specified)

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