Manufacturer’s Description

Ordinary AC power accessories do not increase the performance of the equipment they power. The PowerCenter s advanced technology and innovative design offers several patented convenience and performance features. While the new PowerCenter also does an excellent job of protecting your equipment from harmful power surges, its main performance benefit is much more than just surge protection. Our patented Clean Power filter circuitry (U.S. Pat. No. 6,473,510 B1) virtually stops noise that goes right through ordinary surge protectors. And since there is more than one type of noise that can degrade connected equipment, the PowerCenter features revolutionary separate noise isolation between digital and analog filtered outlets. If any noise from components sharing the powerline gets through one Clean Power filter, it will have to go through another filter to get to an adjacent set of outlets. The result is an extremely low noise floor without hum or buzz that allows all of the rich harmonics and tone to come through your performance. As fellow musicians and audiophiles, we designed the PowerCenter to help achieve the best possible sound.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Drum Percussion Accessories stands / racks
Amplifier Accessory Type cables
Recording Accessory Type cables
Live Sound Accessory Type cables
Upright Bass Type upright basses
Guitar Accessory Type cables
Keyboards and Pianos Accessory Type cables
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