Manufacturer’s Description

3C886 NEW OPEN BOX // 3COM OFFICE CONNECT 56K LAN MODEM MODEL# 3C886 Manufacturer 3COM Condition NEW OPEN BOX Weight(lbs) 4 3Com has a solution for small offices that have one phone line but need to connect more than one person to a LAN and to the Internet. OfficeConnect 56K LAN modem incorporates a high-speed modem, 4-port Ethernet hub, IP router and pass-through voice port into one device. It allows small offices to establish a LAN plus access the Internet with just one analog phone line. It works with any PC, Macintosh or UNIX workstation with an Ethernet interface that runs TCP/IP and is compatible with any frame base Web browser. This device is designed to be easy to install with its included cables and ISP Wizard, which automatically configures the ISP connection. OfficeConnect 56K LAN meets V.90 standards and is fully backward compatible with X2 technology. The Ethernet interface and LZS (Stac) data compression feature cut down transfer time and provide fast connections for the computers on the LAN. The multiuser connectivity interleaves traffic from each computer on the one 56K line. The point-to-point tunneling protocol means no extra static IP addresses are necessary and data is secure through a corporate intranet. Its diagnostics display operation, call, user port, and progress status.

The Specs

Interface Connection Serial - RJ11 Modular (Phone/Telco)
Category External 56K
Weight 19.2 oz
Class Modem
Fax Standards (Not Specified)
Max Data Speed 56 Kbps
Height 1.56 in
Width 8.66 in
Depth 5.44 in
Warranty Information (Not Specified)
Features (Not Specified)
Additional Specifications
Manufacturer Sku 3C886
Parent Product Family (Not Specified)
normalized-Weight 19.2 oz
Correction Compression Standards (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Specified)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Max Fax Data Speed (Not Specified)
Slot Type (Not Specified)
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description OfficeConnect 56K LAN Modem
Parts Warranty (Not Applicable)
UPC 662705169279
System Type PC (Intel x86 Compatible)|Apple Macintosh
Description OfficeConnect 56K LAN Modem 56Kbps Data
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95|Macintosh OS
Base Warranty Lifetime
Product Line Series Model 56K LAN Modem
SKU 3C886
Technical Support Phone Number 800-638-3266
Labor Warranty (Not Applicable)
Voice Standards (Not Specified)
Data Standards ITU-T V.90 (56 kpbs)|USR/3Com X2(TM) (56 kbps)
Product Family OfficeConnect
normalized-Height 39.624
Vendor TCM
Technical Support URL
Case Pack Quantity 1
Quick Glance
Internal/External (Not Specified)
Modem Type Modem/Network Combo

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