Manufacturer’s Description

Do you and your business need the most powerful and new computer? Almost surely you do. There's an effective and affordable way to harness the power of the newest processors and you'll not empty your pockets. In order to satisfy the demands of its customers Compaq offers a variety of processor upgrade options thus eliminating the need for purchasing new computers. You can choose the processor upgrade that suites ideally your computer and your budget. Upgrade your system with this processor kit from Compaq.

The Specs

Physical + Memory Specifications
L1 Cache Size 32 kB
L2 Cache Size 256 kB
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Additional Specifications
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Processor Features Intel® MMX(TM) Technology|Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions
Processor Speed + Class
Bus Speed 133 MHz
Processor Speed 1.26 GHz
Category Processors
Class Memory/Processor Product
Quick Glance
Processor Socket Intel® Socket 370 (370 pin PGA)
normalized-Processor Speed 1260
Processor Class Intel Pentium III

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