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OPTI-6100 3 Port DS3 Mid Speed Module With Framers. Maps and demaps three DS3s or EC1s into the STS-1s of an STS-3 link between the DS3M3T module and the Optical Multiplexer (OMM) Module Interfaces to three transmit and three receive DS3/EC1 facilities via the BNC connectors on the back panel of the OPTI-6100 chassis OPTI-6100 Three-port DS3 mid-speed module with framers. Allows for DS3 or EC-1 mid-speed services to be dropped via BNC connectors on the rear of the OPTI-6100 chassis. Maximum of four 1:1 protected (8 cards) per system. This card is required to drop more than four DS3s from a chassis.

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Parent Retsku B0018198SA
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