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Technical Support Connectix offers free phone (toll call), e-mail, and Web-based technical support. Updates can be downloaded from the Web site. Strengths of Version 5 Easier to upgrade from previous versions. Support for Windows XP. Can run in native mode under OS X 10.1. Same strengths as VPC 4. Summary VPC 5 is the best way to run Windows on your Macintosh, unless you play 3D games in Windows. (You have to stick with VPC 2 or 3 for 3dfx hardware support.) Installing and running Windows on your Macintosh computer using VPC is much easier than on a PC. (Unfortunately, it's much slower.) Mac OS 9 users who have VPC 4 will gain very little from upgrading to VPC 5. The new features are not compelling unless you need to run Windows XP or need to use DVD data disks on a VPC virtual machine. Mac OS X users of VPC 4 will benefit by upgrading to VPC 5. VPC 5 is compatible with OS X and allows you to run VPC in native mode.

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