Manufacturer’s Description

In LEGO Island Extreme, a Hollywood movie maker has chosen LEGO Island as the location for a new action adventure film that requires some jaw-dropping stunts. Naturally, Pepper Roni is cast as the lead stuntman for this big production, but not everyone is happy that he's got the job... Players take on the role of Pepper Roni as they drive, fly, jump and skate through five extreme stunt games that take them all over the vast Lego Island. Pepper Roni must also contend with his nemesis, the mischievous Brickster, who pretends to be a reformed character but Pepper suspects he's still up to no good. As the film progresses Brickster, true to form, tries to spoil every scene.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Game Type game sets
Building Set Block Type blocks
Product Type Building Sets|Vehicles
Theme Boats & Submarines|Buildings
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