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With the evolution of Nanobot technology, microscopic robots have recreated human cell composition in the cyberworld. Fantasy and reality have merged into one neoworld, and humans have abandoned the real world for the cyber luxury of the virtual world. While their backs were turned on reality, most natural resources have been stolen and the polar caps are melting. What little turf remains above water has been claimed by thugs, gangs, and mercenaries. The battle for landmass begins, only now war is waged inside the Geomatrix using Nanobots armed with devastating weaponry. In the game, four teams of Nanobot warriors clash in futuristic 3-D arenas for the pursuit of land. You can choose from 12 different Nano-Gladiators to battle it out in the post-apocalyptic Geomatrix. The game features cool characters based on creations from artist Simon Bisley and edgy 3-D graphics. The blistering metal soundtrack contains new songs by Megadeth, Halford, Corrosion of Conformity, WASP, Entombed, and Dust to Dust.

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Additional Specifications
Description Heavy Metal: Geomatrix
SKU D013388250233
Local Availability yes
Parent Retsku B00005MKYX
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Game Genre Action/Adventure