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The ADTRAN T1 ESF CSU is a full-featured T1 Channel Service Unit used to connect T1 data terminal equipment (DTE) such as a PBX, switch or channel bank to T1 facilities.Capable of interfacing to both B8ZS or AMI circuits, the T1 ESF CSU can convert signal formats or line code to integrate older equipment. The ESF CSU is designed to provide alarms, loopbacks, signal regeneration, line build-out, and surge protection, while maintaining 1's density for the DTE and T1 network.

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Additional Specifications
Frequency Band Provides T1 facility interface and jitter tolerance per ANSI T1.403, T1.102 and AT&T TR 62411Conversion for signal formats and line codingTransmits unframed "All 1's" during signal loss from DTE or T1 NetworkFront Panel LCD and 4 button keypad (ACE)Automatic or manual line build-out configurationSupports Performance Report Messages of ANSI T1.403 and AT&T 54016 maintenance messagesInterface T1 DTE equipment to Telco-provided or private T1 facilityEnhanced alarm status, T1 performance reports, and test capabilitiesBantam test jacksIncludes wallmount power supply to convert 115 VAC to -48 VDCNetwork Interface: - Specifications: ANSI T1.403, AT&T TR62411 - Framing: SF/ESF - ESF Format: ANSI T1.403, AT&T 54016 - Transmission Type: Regenerative transparent: Network & DTEUser Testing: - Local: Payload/Line (NI), DTE (T1) - Remote: Payload/Line (NI) - Test Patterns: 1:8, All 0's, All 1'sPerformance Monitoring: - Performance Data: - BPVs/CRCs, ES, SES, UAS, %AS, %EF SEC - Alarms, Error Rates - Reports: NI information stored 24 hrs, every 15 min. - PRMS: - ANSI Performance Report - Messages (User Selectable)Equipment Interface: - Compliance: ANSI T1.403, AT&T 62411 - Receiver Performance: Automatic Line Build-out for 0-655 ft. - Keep Alive Signal: Unframed/framed "All 1's" loss of DTE signalBantam Jacks: - Test Signal access to Network & DTE - Non-interrupt signal receive: Network & DTE
Data Encoding AMI/B8ZS
Shipping Weight 3.20 lb
Description T1 ESF CSU ACE W/ PWR CSU
Management SNMP
Power Consumption 2.50 W
Maximum Power Consumption 2.50 W
Temperature -4F (-20C) to 158F (70C) Storage
Diagnostic Features Local: Payload/Line (NI), DTE (T1) Remote: Payload/Line (NI) Test Patterns: 1:8, All 0's, All 1's
Encoding Method AMI/B8ZS
Humidity Up to 95% Non-condensing
Brand Name Adtran
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