Manufacturer’s Description

The Kodak Battery Charger Kit is a great way to power, recharge, and carry your EasyShare Digital Camera. The stylish carrying case, 2 rechargeable batteries, and battery charger make this an ideal kit for those who love to take pictures.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Kodak
Product Compatibility Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras: C300 C310 C315 C330 C340 C360 C433 C503 C530 C533 C603 C643 C663 C743 C875 CD33 CD40 CD43 CW330 CX4200 CX4210 CX4230 CX4300 CX4310 CX6200 CX6230 CX6330 CX6445 CX7220 CX7300 CX7310 CX7330 CX7430 CX7525 CX7530 DX3215 DX3500 DX3600 DX3700 DX3900 DX4330 DX4530 DX4900 DX6340 DX6440 Z650 Z700 Z740
Parent Retsku B00067TNCS
Quick Glance
Product Type Camera Starter Kit
Parent Product Type Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras:C300C310C315C330C340C360C433C503C530C533C603C643C663C743C875CD33CD40CD43CW330CX4200CX4210CX4230CX4300CX4310CX6200CX6230CX6330CX6445CX7220CX7300CX7310CX7330CX7430CX7525CX7530DX3215DX3500DX3600DX3700DX3900DX4330DX4530DX4900DX6340DX6440Z650Z700Z740

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