Manufacturer’s Description

The Nfinity N216S0812600 power system is a scalable 16kVA to 16kVA UPS, designed with N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection. Its modular design was devised to provide easy scalability to users as their power demands grow. Configurations can be cost-effectively upgraded without re-investing in a new system or installation. The system's fault-tolerant design enables the intelligent power and battery modules to take themselves off-line if there is a problem without compromising system integrity. Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify maintenance and troubleshooting. It also offers redundancy in its unique paired system controls, internal and external bypass, and monitoring options.

The Specs

Warranty Information 2 Year
Backup/Run Time 0.32 Hour
Quick Glance
Power Rating 16 kVA/11.20 kW
Input Voltage Supported 220 V AC