Manufacturer’s Description

Yamaha's LightSpeed 3200UXZ CD-RW drive lives up to its name. Featuring a 24x write speed, it burns 74 minutes of music or 650 MB of data to CD-R media in just 3 minutes. Make custom CDs for road trips or burn a business presentation right before you go without having to worry about being late.

The Specs

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Additional Specifications
Access Time 130 ms
CD Rewrite Speed 10 X (CD,CD-R)
CD-ROM Read Speed 40 X (CD,CD-R)
Host Transfer Rate 33.3 MBytes/sec
System Type Apple Macintosh|PC|PowerPC
Compatible Formats CD Extra|CD Text|CD-DA|CD-I Ready|CD-ROM|CD-ROM XA|Mixed Mode|Photo-CD|Video-CD (MPEG-1)
Multisession Compatibility Disk-at-Once(DAO)|Packet Write|Session-At-Once (SAO)|Track-at-Once (TAO)
CD Write Speed 24 X (CD,CD-R)
Category Recordable
Class Cd-Rom
Load Type Tray
Quick Glance
Internal/External External
Interface Type USB
Maximum CD Write Speed 24 x
Maximum CD Read Speed 40 x
Maximum CD Rewrite Speed 10 x

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