Manufacturer’s Description

PF400XLB Privacy Computer Filter Anti-glare Screen ensures that on-screen data is visible only to those directly in front of screen. Will not distort images on screen. Blacks out screen view from the side and reduces glare. Protects LCD screens. Most styles fit both LCD and CRT monitors.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Category Accessories
Description PF400XLB PRIVACY FILTER FOR 17/ 18.1 LCD AND 16-19 CRT
normalized-Weight 42.4
Frequency Band Will not blur or distort on-screen images Significantly reduces glare to help prevent eyestrain and headaches related to computer monitor use Available in flat frame and assembly-free contour frame designs Prevents static and dust build-up when properly grounded Utilize optimal tint glass for brighter graphics and sharper text Cleans easily with a soft, lint-free cloth and glass cleaner
Display Type Support LCD
Radiation Blocked Up to 99.9% ELF/VLF E-field radiation
Weight 2.65 lbs
Warranty Information Lifetime
Glare Reduction Up to 95%
Class Accessories
Frame Style Flat
SKU 239792
Light Transmission 52%
Display Size Support 18"
Dimensions 13.69" Height x 16.25" Width x 0.88" Depth
Quick Glance
Product Type Privacy Screen Filter

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