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To continue to meet the increasing needs for performance while maintaining exceptional value and flexibility, the Cisco 7200 Series introduces its newest processor - the NPE-G1. The Cisco 7200 Series Network Processing Engine NPE-G1 (NPE-G1) addresses the demand for performance and flexibility by doubling its processing capacity and enabling unprecedented LAN performance.

The Specs

Warranty Information 90
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Additional Specifications
Brand Name Cisco
Temperature -40F (-40C) to 158F (70C) Storage
Shipping Weight 9.42 lb
normalized-Weight 52
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity Storage
Frequency Band Item Included: Two 128MB mem modules (256MB total) for NPE-G1 in 7200 (MEM-NPE-G1-256MB)Cisco 7200 Compact Flash Disk for NPE-G1, 64 MB Option (MEM-NPE-G1-FLD64)Provides performance of up to 1 million packets per second (PPS) in Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) switching (an increase of up to 250 percent over the Cisco 7200 Series Network Processing Engine NPE-400)Offers three Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet ports that do not take up bandwidth pointsDoubles the amount of available DRAM (to 1 GB)Eliminates the requirement for an input/output (I/O) controllerIncorporates the functionality (flash memory and auxiliary and console ports) of the I/O controllerEliminates I/O controller LAN interface bandwidth pointsProvides modular processors and the ability to upgradeOffers improved price performanceTwo environmental sensors for monitoring the cooling air as it enters and leaves the chassisFull-feature I/O controller functionalityOnly one port per interface can be used at any one time. For example, for interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/1, either the RJ-45 port can be used or the GBIC port, but not bothA total of three ports on any of the three interfaces (0/1, 0/2, or 0/3) can be used at any one time; for example, 0/1 GBIC, 0/2 GBIC, and 0/3 RJ-45There are two DRAM memory slots, so 256 MB of memory consists of two 128 MB memory SODIMMs, 512 MB consists of two 256 MB memory SODIMMs, and 1 GB consists of two 512 MB memory SODIMMs. It is necessary to have the same size SODIMM in each memory bank on an NPE-G1Cisco 7200VXR chassis with an NPE-G1 does not require the use of an I/O controller, an I/O controller can still be used The NPE-G1 is supported with the following Cisco 7200 Series I/O controller part numbers:C7200-I/OC7200-I/O-2FE/EC7200-I/O-GE+E The NPE-G1 is supported with all port adapters that can be ordered with the Cisco 7200VXR chassis as of August 1, 2002 except for the following:PA-4C-EPA-A2-4T1C-OC3SMPA-A2-4T1C-T3ATMPA-A2-4E1XC-OC3SMPA-A2-4E1XC-E3ATMPA-MCX-2TE1PA-MCX-4TE1PA-MCX-8TE1PA-SRP-OC12MMPA-SRP-OC12SMIPA-SRP-OC12SMLPA-SRP-OC12SMXPA-MC-STM-1MMPA-VXA-1TE1-24+PA-VXA-1TE1-30+PA-VXB-2TE1+PA-VXC-2TE1+
Connectivity Media Twisted Pair 10/100/1000Base-T
Parent Retsku B00008KYHM
Altitude -196.84 ft to 13123.32 ft Operating
Interfaces/Ports Details 1 x RJ-45 Auxiliary Management
Category Routers
Class Network Hardware
Dimensions 1.4" Height x 15.2" Width x 11.1" Depth
Weight 3.25 lbs
Quick Glance
Interfaces 3 x 10/100/1000Base-T LAN

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