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Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Agent for Windows Systems has been significantly enhanced. With the continued benefits of Remote Agent for Windows Servers and the Continuous Protection Agent capabilities, this agent now also includes the Advanced Open File Option and Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option. The Remote Agent expands network-wide data protection and optimizes data transfers for 32- and 64-bit remote Windows servers. Exclusive Agent Accelerator technology helps maximize backup and recovery performance by providing source-level compression and distributed processing at the client. The Continuous Protection Agent enables continuous disk-based data protection for remote file servers with LAN or WAN connectivity to the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server. Continuous protection simplifies backups by consolidating data protection into a central server, eliminates the backup window needed to protect each file server, and provides faster restores by helping to ensure business-critical data is immediately accessible. The Advanced Open File Option handles open files in multiple volumes and ensures files on local or remote servers are protected while in use and are not skipped when running a backup job. The Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option saves time by automating the traditional manual, error-prone process of system recovery. This tape-based system recovery solution quickly recovers downed servers, enabling restores from the last complete backup set, including full, differential, incremental, and working set backups. With four powerful technologies wrapped into one agent, users truly have complete data and system protection every remote Windows servers. · Optimizes data transfers for 32- and 64-bit remote Windows servers for faster backups · Protects open files on local or remote servers while in use · Automates server disaster recovery for local and remote tape-based environments to quickly get your business back on track. · Provides continuous disk-based protection, with point-in-time snapshots, while eliminating file server backup windows Basic Maintenance Services is Symantec's entry-level service which is best suited for organizations that run Symantec products on non-essential systems only. ·Access to Symantec's call center during regional business hours for general inquiries and assistance with problem resolution ·Access to the latest content, or new version updates and upgrades to keep your systems current ·60 minute response target for high severity issues ·2 designated callers per product title

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