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Probably one of the easiest PC video cameras to install, the Create and Share Camera Pack will have you creating digital videos, conferencing with friends and family, and sending still images through e-mail in no time. Don't worry if you're technology-shy, this camera is made so that even the most extreme technophobe can figure it out. To set up the Create and Share Camera Pack, we just plugged our camera into the USB port on the back of our computer, turned it on, loaded the software and the install took care of the rest. The manual was incredibly easy to follow, with large print, nice illustrations, and well-divided sections for quick reference. After the software is installed, you can choose to take a tour of it or explore on your own. We found that the software was intuitive enough to just jump right in. The camera is so small and light, that if you don't permanently mount it in place, it will move around. However, once you secure the camera, it is easy to adjust with both pan and tilt. You can adjust variable lighting settings and a manual focus if the picture isn't quite right. The video looks sharp and surprisingly clear and stays in focus from various distances. Make sure you have at least 28.8 Kbps modem, so that you receive clear, unchoppy video--anything slower won't be worth your time. Aside from videoconferencing, Intel provides a number of other applications for the camera. You can send e-mail postcards, play camera games that let you interact live with the game on the screen, create and edit your own movies, or build your own Web page. One of the perks that sets Intel's package apart from the rest is the Create and Share's additional software that you can send to a friend or family member with whom you want to videoconference. Even if they don't have a camera themselves, it will enable them to see and hear you. For the novice videoconferencer, this package is a great deal, with just enough user-friendly software to make it a worthwhile investment. Pros: Nice, clear video A great sampling of user-friendly software Adjustable camera Easy to install

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Parent Retsku B00000J3SV
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