Manufacturer’s Description

This is a Low profile PCI softmodem, which uses the central processing unit of the computer in which the modem is installed to perform controller and datapump functions. The mounting bracket of the modem is for use with low-profile desktop computers.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Software Included BVRP Phone Tools
Video Support ITU-T V.80
Modem Transmission Data Rate 56 Kbps
Correction Compression Standards MNP-2|MNP-3|MNP-4
Frequency Band A host-based Modem, which uses The central processing unit (CPU) of The Computer in which The Modem Is installed to perform Controller, and datapump functions. The mounting bracket of The Modem Is for use With low-profile Desktop computers. Misc Features:Lightning ProtectionModem On HoldQuickConnectSoft ModemVoice Mail
System Type PC|Mac
Number of Modem (RJ-11) Ports 1
Number of Phone Line (RJ-11) Ports 1
Parent Retsku B00009018E
Brand Name Zoom
Bus Type PCI
Command Set AT Command Set
Shipping Weight 10.08 oz
Modulation Bell 212A
Max Fax Data Speed 1.80 KBps
Fax Transmission Data Rate 14.4 Kbps
Product Model H08-15531-B
Data Standards MNP-5|ITU-T V.42bis|ITU-T V.44
Product Line Accura
Max Data Speed 7 KBps
Interface Connection 2 x RJ-11
Category Ingram Modems
Required Operating System Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME (Millennium Edition) Windows XP
Class Modem
Fax Standards EIA Class 1|Group 3
RJ-11 4-pin Modular Plug (Phone/Telco) 1
Quick Glance
Internal/External Plug-in Card
Modem Type Data/Fax/Voice Modem

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