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Are you finding it difficult to choose a monitor/recording system for your home or office? Are the cameras in other systems not right for the application or need you have for observation? Then the Swann DVR9 SecuraNet Kit is the right choice for you! This kit includes a 9-channel DVR with 4 Swann PRO BulldogCam high resolution all-weather cameras. That leaves 5 inputs for you to choose the right camera for the area to be observed! Add the cameras whenever the need arises. Choose an all-weather camera with longer night vision capability (such as Swann model SW-C-SNO). Or a camera that works indoors and adjusts the viewing angle to see more of the area (such as Swann model SW221-H42). Perhaps a hidden camera works best (see the new sprinkler head camera SW223-SPR from Swann). Need a camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom features? Add it and control it with Pelco-D protocols built in. Whatever the need Swann has the right camera for you. Until you know for sure what is needed in observational cameras, this kit is ready to go with all the latest features needed for great observation and recording!The DVR incorporates all the best features in digital recording: MPEG4 compression technology for outstanding video quality and remote viewing playback; VGA connection to Plasma and LCD displays; Triplex Operation for simultaneous playback, recording and remote viewing; a pre-installed 250 GB hard drive for weeks of recording; lengthen the recording time by utilizing the easy to set up motion detection in the menu set and set your own parameters for recording the monitored area.Each camera comes with 50-feet of power/video cable and is optimized for extreme cold or heat and humidity. Do you have trouble spots like a back alley near your home, or a dark stairwell in your business? See up to 32-feet in the dark with great detail via the CCD sensors of the PRO BulldogCam.When you need support call the Swann Customer Service Desk at 1-877-274-3695.

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