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Multibridge Eclipse and Multibridge Pro are bi-directional converters which feature built in PCI Express.Connect to a supported PCI Express based Windows workstation for the world's highest quality and most versatile editing solution.Multibridge supports all the traditional video connections including standard and high definition SDI 4:2:2, SDI 4:4:4, analog YUV, S-video and NTSC/PAL video in and out. HDMI and 3 Gb/s SDI are also included for connection to the latest video hardware. That's great for connecting to any deck, camera or monitor. Multibridge also features multiple channels of AES audio with sample rate converters onall inputs. 12 channels are supported on Multibridge Eclipse and 8 channels on Multibridge Pro. Fo ranalog audio, Multibridge supports stereo XLR audio in and out on Multibridge Pro and 4 channels on Multibridge Eclipse, combined with two channel RCA audio outputs for low cost HiFi monitoring.

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