Manufacturer’s Description

Get three pads in one! The PS2700 Rumble Pad is fully compatible with three different platforms - Playstation 2 and 3 as well as PC. As well as the full complement of buttons and controls, the PS2700 features the innovative new Precision Aim button. Holding the Precision Aim button on the underside of the pad instantly cuts the sensitivity of the right analog stick, making it far easier to get your target in your sights and giving you an instant gameplay advantage.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Programmable Buttons Yes
Interface Connection USB 2.0 USB
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 7|Microsoft Windows Vista|Microsoft Windows XP
Number of Buttons 6
Warranty Information 2 Year Limited Warranty
Force Feedback Yes
Buttons and Controls 2 x Shoulder Button|2 x Trigger|2 x Analog Control|4 x Action Button|8-way D-pad
Quick Glance
Controller Type Gaming Pad
System Type PC|PlayStation 2|PlayStation 3
Connectivity Cable