Manufacturer’s Description

Overview This directional stereo microphone which connects to the camcorder's Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe, provides near-professional quality sound for your movies. Select from pure shotgun or shotgun + surrounding sound modes. Since the mic is powered by the camcorder's power source, you remain cable free. Wind shields are included.   Compatible With VIXIA HF G10 VIXIA HF S21 VIXIA HF S20 VIXIA HF S200 VIXIA HF S30 VIXIA HF S11 VIXIA HF S10 VIXIA HF S100 VIXIA HF M52 VIXIA HF M50 VIXIA HF M500 VIXIA HF M41 VIXIA HF M40 VIXIA HF M400 VIXIA HF M32 VIXIA HF M31 VIXIA HF M30 VIXIA HF M300 VIXIA HF20 VIXIA HF200 VIXIA HF11 VIXIA HF10 VIXIA HF100 VIXIA HG21 VIXIA HG20

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Upright Bass Type upright basses
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