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The classic line of Domke bags are a minimalist's delight, created by a photographer's search for simplicity. They're constructed of tough, breathable, compressable waterproofed canvas (and occasionally ballistic nylon) to hug the shooter's hip closely. No fussy opening systems here, merely sensible ingress and egress. With a great space-to-size ratio, Domke bags have become well established with photojournalists all over the world. All of the classic Domke bags feature removable padded bottoms, military-specification hardware, fantastic webbing and adjustable closures. High friction rubber is infused within the strap like a pair of tributaries, resulting in an adhesion to your shoulder that is perfect. The F-2 the bag that started it all. Jim Domke had one custom made for his own use in 1976. Two decades and thousands of bags later, it still reigns as the most popular Domke bag. Twelve compartments and pockets, including the patented four-compartment padded insert. The non-slip Gripper Strap runs completely around the bag. Included is a removable hand carrying strap.

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