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I-pen Mouse is a pen-shaped mouse for PCs that allows natural writing just like using a real pen. Utilizing the latest optical navigation technology, I-pen is lightweight, durable, and accurate. With I-pen Mouse, the user can perform natural handwriting to do more creative work or special tasks that were previously impossible with a mouse. I-pen Mouse is designed to work in "mouse mode" for fast point-and-click action and also in "pen mode" for writing and drawing actions. Two modes can be changed manually with the switch of a button. Because it requires a very small surface to write on, it is ideal for laptop users and perfect for places where limited workspace is available. Applications: Write a note on your presentation just like a paper with Finger WhiteTM. The traditional way of showing a presentation used a laser pointer to mark the point of importance which leaves no marks for later references. Now you can write a note, mark, draw, and keep it until you erase it. Browse your favorite website and write a note when there is something of interest as if you were marking the newspaper. Your notes will be saved even after you've visited other pages until you erase it. Draw and write on your desktop like a drawing board. Leave an important message on your desktop for reminder. You can even save your inputs and e-mail them later. Write a letter using the I-pen Mouse like a pen and the OCR converts your handwriting into typewriting text. Too lazy or slow to type letters? Then grab the I-pen Mouse and simply write like a pen. You can also input your signature.

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