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Palm PRE Touchstone battery charging kit 3456ww is perfect for customers who want to use Touchstone Technology for connectionless charging of their Palm Pre cell phone.. Palm Touchstone Battery Charging Dock: Charge your Palm Pre without connecting a wire directly to the cell phone. Just set your Pre on the Charging Dock and it magnetically snaps into place and begins battery charging.. Palm Touchstone Back Cover: Includes the Touchstone battery charging cover for your Palm PRE to enable it to be wirelessly charged. International Power Charger provided with Palm Pre is also required for use.. Touchstone Technology: In addition the Touchstone Charging Dock leverages Touchstone Technology in unique ways. Place your PRE cell phone on the Charging Dock when you re on a call and its speakerphone automatically turns on. Pick your PRE cell phone up from the Charging Dock while you re on speakerphone and the conversation is automatically routed back to the PRE cell phone.. For incoming phone calls simply pick up the PRE cell phone from the Charging Dock and it answers automatically without having to tap the screen. When the PRE cell phone is not in use Nightstand mode displays the time and incoming notifications. No cables or connectors required to attach your PRE cell phone to the dock. Micro-Suction material securely fastens dock to tables desks and other surfaces and prevents dock from moving when Pre cell phone is removed. Magnets in the dock align your cell phone in the correct position for charging whether in portrait or landscape mode. Charges your cell phone battery in about the same amount of time as plugging it into a standard wall charger.. Palm factory original one year warranty applies. Supported Models and Categories:. Palm Pre (CDMA) cell phone accessories

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Device Type Dock|Power Adapter
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Device Type Dock|Power Adapter

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