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The protection offered is among the most dependable and comprehensive available, offering coverage above and beyond that offered by the manufacturer. This Plan covers products purchased as new or factory-refurbished and manufactured for use in the United States, which at the time of purchase included a manufacturer?s original or factory-refurbished warranty. In order to be eligible for a Plan, the manufacturer's original or factory-refurbished warranty must provide at least 90 days parts and labor coverage. This Plan covers mechanical and electrical failures that would normally be covered by the original manufacturer?s written warranty. Coverage only applies to products used non-commercially. Accessories and/or add-on options purchased separately and not essential to the basic function of the covered product are not eligible for coverage. COVERAGE The Xchange Card Replacement Plan is an extension of the manufacturer?s parts and labor warranty and begins upon expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer?s parts and labor warranty and continues for 1 year or until a replacement claim is paid, whichever occurs first. In the event your product suffers a mechanical or electrical failure following the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer?s parts and labor warranty, this Plan will replace the defective product with a product of equal or similar features and functionality. The Plan is limited to one replacement during the lifetime of the Plan and is limited to the term of coverage, product description and retail price limitation of $300. This Plan does not cover trip, labor or shipping; and is not transferable. Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product. No refunds will be made based on the replacement product cost difference. The most we will pay for replacement is the price you paid for the original product, excluding taxes. Replacement products will include a manufacturer?s warranty. If a replacement product is not available we will refund up to the product purchase price, excluding taxes, and this contract will be fulfilled and all obligations satisfied.

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