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The Kaiser RS1 Copy Stand is a high-quality copy stand that meets special requirements for strength design and above all angular precision. For large heavy camera systems an extremely low level of vibration is a must for perfect results. This requirement is satisfied perfectly with the RS1. It features a precise height adjustment system with weight compensation by an integrated coil spring. The non-reflecting matt black baseboard with printed grid marking enables originals to be easily positioned. Reproducible precision is also guaranteed by the cm and inch scales marked on the specially wide matt black anodized column made of a special aluminum tube. For levelling the complete unit there is a spirit level in the strong pedestal. The height is adjusted by a friction drive with nylon bearings and hand crank. On the RS1 copy stand the RA1 Repro Arm ensures precise and sure fastening for the camera. With the easily changed camera screw you can mount any type of camera system to the repro arm. All you need is a coin to change the 1/4 screw to a 3/8 screw. The RA1 repro arm features four centering holes for the precise adjustment of the optional graduated stage and repro bellows. The aligning pins fit exactly in the repro arm holes. In this way absolutely parallel mounting is guaranteed at all times. The adjustment device on the RA1 repro arm enables any particular camera mounting position to be reset exactly at any time. It is adaptable to different camera bodies. For 35mm cameras this device is positioned so that the bottom of the camera is exactly level. For medium format cameras the adjustment device is used as a stop for the side of the camera body. Fast changing is possible. The large 18 x 20 (450 x 500 mm) baseboard has a fitted mount for fastening the column to the repro arm. A spirit level is integrated into the mount which facilitates alignment. The feet are individually adjustable in height. A well-marked grid completes the solid baseboard construction. Note!

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