Manufacturer’s Description

Versatile, economical, full-movement view camera for studio, location and field. Compact frame and tapered bellows design. Rugged and light alloy and polycarbonate construction. Compact, portable design Rear Dual Axis Spirit Level, Rigid Interchangeable 450mm (39mm diameter) monorail with alignment guide.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Shift 1.18" + 1.18" Front - 1.77" + 1.77" Rear
normalized-Weight 126.4
Frequency Band Reversible Graflok type back accepts all 4x5 cutfilm holders, Kodak Readyload and Polaroid 4x5, as well as 6x7 and 6x9 rollfilm holders Rear standard features a dual axis spirit level Compact frame and tapered bellows design Rugged and light alloy and polycarbonate construction
Interchangeable Bellows Yes
Minimum Extension 3.15"
Rise 3.15" Front - 3.15" Rear
Brand Name Toyo-View
Lens Board Support 4.33" x 4.33"
Camera Back Reversible
Swing 30 + 30 Front - 30 + 30 Rear
Maximum Extension 17.52"
Product Model 45CX
Tilt 45 + 45 Front - 45 + 45 Rear
Dimensions 12.60" Height x 10.90" Width x 18.80" Length
Weight 7.90 lbs
Quick Glance
Product Type View Camera

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