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The centerpiece of any family's home should always be the photo section. Problem is, you have so many pictures to display you simply can't cover your wall with hundreds of frames or else the authorities might be dropping by for a visit. Luckily, you're a geek who loves their family who just wants something techy to help show off your family pride. Introducing the 6 Pandigital PAN604 128MB Digital Photo Frame!!! What makes this unique from other digital photo frames is in its collage-style design. Not only can you display your digital photos on the nice 6-inch 400 x 234 LCD Display, BUT, there are also 3 additional frames that you can place regular photos in that surround the screen giving you maximum photo-to-eyeball ratio.With its 128 MB of internal memory and it's 6-in-1 memory card reader, you can easily store and display hundreds of JPEG photos till your heart's content. It also supports AVI for video playback, as well as MP3 files in case you want to get sentimental on people and play music along with your photo slideshows. (HINT: Any Lassie soundtrack will bring out the tears just fine)The PAN604 also includes an Alarm, Clock and Calandar feature for the organizational freak in you. And to think, you can acommplish all of this without using a PC! So what are you waiting for? Order your 6 Pandigital PAN604 128MB Digital Photo Frame and display your family like never before!

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Parent Retsku B000UU9UOM
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