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SynopsisYou stand at the threshold of a new era. Anything is possible. Before your very eyes, the world could become enmeshed in bloody conflict and brutal violence or thrive and prosper in peaceful cooperation and diplomacy. It could be an age of technological progress or of debilitating debt. One thing is certain: you will be at the center of this new era. As leader, all of humanity will look to you to carry them into the future. You will bear the responsibility of Civilization. Return to the seat of power in Civilization V as you continue your epic, era-stretching mission to establish a perfect society. The award-winning, strategy-centered gameplay that has become the addiction of World Ruler hopefuls around the world once again invites you to take the reins into your hands and discover what you're made of in this next installation of Sid Meier's series. This time, massive battles fill the landscapes with greater force and larger scale than ever before, and the power or the challenge to fire weapons from behind the front lines in ranged bombardments is within your grasp. The war rages ferociously online in massive competitions. Brag about your accomplishments, share strategies and compare scores with fellow gamers in a huge online community without even stepping away from your game. The game truly becomes yours when you take advantage of unprecedented new modding tools, presenting you with unlimited means to modify gameplay any way you like. After all, you are the ruler

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Parent Retsku B003Z0BRDQ
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