Manufacturer’s Description

The CP200-BK from Tangent Devices is intended for users who require a control surface for primary color grading with the addition of three knobs to control parameters such as pan/scan or basic secondary grading controls. It provides the operator with the familiar 3 trackerballs used to control lift, gamma and gain grading parameters. This arrangement gives a full 9 axes of simultaneous control that is impossible to achieve with either a mouse or pen and tablet. The trackerball units have been custom designed to fit with the ergonomics of the unit. Profiled outer rings provide the third axis of control and are weighted to give positive tactile feedback. The differential ball controls are slightly recessed and have an integral wrist rest giving a natural hand position for operation. Five keys are located just above each trackerball. It is suggested that two of these are used for master and differential resets with the other three available for application specific functions. The three rotary controls beneath the display are arranged as knob/button pairs. It is suggested that the buttons next to each knob are used as resets for the knobs. A single, angled, 40 x 2 character VFD display is located at the top of the panel which will be useful to indicate mode, value or status for the panel or the 3 knobs beneath it.

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Parent Retsku B0040VYB9Q
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