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This handsfree is compatible with Ericsson CF388, CH388, GH398, PD398, PH388, CF337, PF388, GH388, PF388vi, CH337, GF 388, DH368, GH337, CA318, DH368VI, GH337, DH353, TH337, DH343, GA318, DH338, GH218, DH336, PD328, DH318, DH318VI, AH320, AH310, AH238, AH237, AH230, AH220, AH210, EH288, EH238 and NH238 cell phones. This cell phone headset help you to avoid the inconvenience and distraction of holding your portable cellular phone to your ear. Since our hands-free position the microphone near your mouth, the sound quality is far better than other hands-free solutions.

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