Manufacturer’s Description

This Lithium battery is compatible with the following Samsung camcorder models: VP-L500, VP-L520, VP-L530, VP-L550, VP-L900, VP-L906, VP-L907. VP-M50, VP-M51, VP-M52, VP-M53, VP-M54. VP-SCD55. VP-W80, VP-W87, VP-W90, VP-W97. SCL810, SCL860, SCL870, SCL901, SCL903, SCL906, SCL907. SCW80, SCW87, SCW97. Specifications : Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. No memory effect. (Does not need to be fully discharged before recharging) Capacity : 6000mAh. Voltage Provided : 7.4V Dimension : 70.65 x 38.45 x 57.65 mm Type : Aftermarket. Color: Gray. Best replacement for the original battery pack. Part numbers : SB-L480

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