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Pantech 5HTB0081B0A Standard capacity Lithium-Ion battery is the factory original battery designed & built specifically for the Pantech P9020 Pursuit, P2020 Ease cell phone models. Pantech 5HTB0081B0A Standard battery provides your Pantech P9020 Pursuit cell phone with the standard battery capacity that originally shipped with most Pantech P9020 Pursuit, P2020 Ease cell phone models. Lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries are available in a variety of capacities to best fit your cell phone requirements. At least 30% more talk time & 30% lighter than NiMh batteries of the same size! This memory free, standard capacity battery, is the factory original, Pantech 5HTB0081B0A Li-Ion battery, rated at 1000 mAh capacity. Pantech 5HTB0081B0A battery is compatible with Pantech P9020 Pursuit, P2020 Ease cell phone models only. You Never need to condition your battery after the first 2-3 cycles! Charge the initial 24-hour battery charge with the cell-phone turned off.Note that a new lithium ion battery's full performance is only achieved after 2-3 complete charge and discharge cycles. Factory original warranty of One year applies.

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